Patching the vCenter Server Appliance (v6)

There are a couple items that can be easily missed in the Documentation for upgrading the VCSA in version 6.  The documentation is located HERE.

Here is a quick step by step to help summarize:

  1. After logging into SSH/Console using root, if you are NOT in the Command Prompt, then proceed to step 2…
  2. Run the command “/bin/appliancesh” to bring up the command prompt which would facilitate the Patch installation.  

How to patch the VCSA:

  1. Mount he Patch ISO to the appliance VM
  2. Log into VC appliance using root  either through SSH/Console
  3. Run below commands to install Patch
    1. To do staging of ISO:  Command> software-packages stage –iso
    2. To see the staged content: Command> software-packages list –staged
    3. To Install the staged rpms: Command> software-packages install –staged
  4. Reboot the VC appliance after the Patch installation


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