Changing the name of an ESX or ESXi host

To rename a VMware ESX host:
  1. If the ESX host is part of a Cluster, remove it from the cluster.
  2. If the ESX host is managed by VirtualCenter/vCenter, disconnect and remove the ESX host from the vCenter.
  3. Make the modifications in your DNS environment to reflect the correct name and IP association for the new name.
  4. Log in as root to the console of ESX host.
  5. Using a text editor, change the name and domain name, if applicable, of the host in these files:
    • /etc/hosts
    • /etc/sysconfig/network
  6. Execute this command where hostname is the new FQDN hostname for the ESX host:

    esxcfg-advcfg -s hostname /Misc/HostName

  7. Reboot the ESX host.
  8. Join the ESX host to VirtualCenter / vCenter and clusters.
To rename a VMware ESXi host:
  1. If the ESXi host is part of a Cluster, remove it from the cluster by Entering Maintenance mode first.
  2. If the ESXi host is managed by VirtualCenter/vCenter Server, disconnect and remove the ESXi host from the cluster.
  3. Connect to the host directly with a vSphere Client.
  4. Click on the ESXi host.
  5. Click on the Configuration tab.
  6. Click on DNS and Routing.
  7. Click on Properties.
  8. Edit the Name: field in the DNS Configuration tab. Change anything else that is necessary in your environment.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Join the ESX host to VirtualCenter/vCenter and clusters.
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