Create Virtual Directory for an application in Enkompass

Many need the ability to create a Virtual Directory in IIS that will be persistant with the config pushes that Enkompass does.  This will be easy to accomplish when 2.2 releases but in the interim we have worked on a method to do this via the PostgreSQL backend database.  Please make sure you have a backup and use extreme caution when editing the PG database as it is a critical component of Enkompass.

Figure 1 & 2: Launch PG3Admin to log into Postgresql


Figure 3 & 4: Drill down through Databases, apphostconfig, Schema, Public, Tables and find the Sites table. Use View Top 100 Rows from the View Data sub menu for each table example in this tutorial.


Figure 5: Get the id [PK] integer for the site you wish to create the virtual directory and application for.  I am using my todd.tld domain as an example and therefore need the id[PK] integer 1. You can close this table view when you have the value.


Figure 6: Go to the application table and at the bottom on a new line add the name of the subdirectory to the second column (path character varying) and the id from Sites to the third column (site integer).  In my case I needed the subdirectory of /newapp and it was for site 1 so that is what I put in the respective columns.


Figure 7: Once you save a value will be generated for the first column; refresh and get that number for the next step.   The id [PK] integer in this table, 17 is what I will need for the next step.



Figure 8:  Now go to the virtualdirectory table: Again, scroll to the bottom for a new line to be visible and in the second Column 2 (application integer) you will enter the value generated after saving/refreshing from column 1 (id [PK] interger from the previous step) In my case this was 17. In Column 3 (virtualpath character varying) you will add a /, and in Column 4 (physicalpath character varying) you will add the full path to the folder. In my case it is c:UserscPaneltoddpublic_htmlnewapp.



Figure 9:  Once you save, you can trigger a configuration push or wait for the scheduled configuration re-publish. If the application is already setup in c:UserscPaneltoddpublic_htmlnewapp then it should start working immediately.


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